Kim W.

Miraculous recoveries 

My story is really the story of my husband and my youngest son. On the night of December 18, 2016, my husband Jeff Werkmeister and my 14-year-old son Jacob Werkmeister were walking to their car in a parking lot after seeing a movie together. The parking lot was adjacent to a highway, and right as they were about to get in their car to drive home, another car lost control on the highway at speeds over 90 MPH, drove off the road, became airborne, and crashed directly into both.

My husband was thrown in one direction, and my son in another. My son was thrown head first into the pavement directly underneath a fire hydrant that had been sheared off by the accident. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, a near drowning, multiple skull fractures and was comatose. My husband was thrown in the other direction and had his entire rib cage fractured and lungs punctured in multiple places. They both spent two weeks in the ICU of our local trauma center, and at first were not expected to survive their critical injuries.

Miraculously, they not only survived, but were able to be weaned off the ventilators and eventually came home for extensive outpatient rehabilitation after multiple surgeries and having to re-learn how to walk again. Prior to this, my husband had been in the military reserves, and my son had been the first baseman for his high school baseball team. They both powered through physical and occupational therapy to try to regain what had been lost in the accident, despite intense pain and difficulties. About 3 months later, they were able to return to work and school.

In July of 2017, 7 months after the accident, the three of us decided it was time to try to kick up the recovery as I had also gained quite a bit of weight caring for the two of them and our other 3 children.

"We decided to give Orangetheory a try, and even though the first workout was so hard, we were hooked."

Fast forward to 6 months after that first class, and my husband is back to military duty, my son is back on the baseball team, and I have lost 30 pounds because Orangetheory has helped us to build back what was lost.

Orangetheory has given us the ability to not only survive, but thrive again. We are so grateful to have our opportunity for #morelife.